Anti-War Group Seeks Comcast Query


An anti-war-with-Iraq group upset with Comcast Corp. for
refusing to air one of its ads in January is asking the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the cable company's action in the

Comcast declined to run the ad on the same evening as President Bush's
televised State of the Union speech, claming that the 30-second spot
contained at least two unsubstantiated claims relative to possible war with

The AntiWar Video Fund -- which said it deposited $5,000 with Comcast to run
the ad twice on Jan. 28 and twice more the next two nights -- said the cable
company abruptly canceled the ad run and did so on such short notice that the
group did not have time to arrange airtime with another media outlet in
Washington, D.C.

In an April 13 letter to FCC chairman Michael Powell, the AWFV asked the FCC
to investigate whether Comcast's decision to accept the ad and then reject it
suddenly was that the result of "political influence brought to bear on

The four-page letter failed to cite any law or FCC rule that Comcast may have
violated. Instead, the AWFV asked Powell to request an explanation from Comcast.

A Comcast spokesman declined comment.

The AWVF is a citizens' group formed by the New Jersey Coalition for Peace Action
in Princeton, N.J.