AOL: ‘Are You IN2TV?’


With plans to blitz New York’s Times Square and Los Angeles landmarks, AOL and Warner Bros. are stepping up the marketing muscle behind their new In2TV Internet-TV service.

An In2TV billboard will go up Monday on the Reuters board in Times Square, with an animated potato laptop that asks, “Are you In2TV?”

In early May, AOL said it will erect billboards on Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive in Los Angeles, with a “Patio Potato” character sitting poolside while watching In2TV on his laptop.

And in May, AOL will kick off “The In2TV Watch to Win Game,” based on TV trivia. Prizes include a “WinBook Viiv Mini PC.” It’ll be promoted on CBS Radio stations in 10 markets.

Hill Holiday did the creative for the campaign, and Initiative Media placed the billboards.

AOL debuted In2TV in March, offering hundreds of episodes of vintage Warner Bros. series.