AOL Beams CNN to Broadband Subs


Following up on its promise to beef up its broadband-content stable,
America Online Inc. struck a deal with fellow AOL Time Warner Inc. outlet Cable
News Network to bring the news service's subscription-video service to its
customers at no extra fee.

AOL Broadband members now have access to "CNN News Pass,"
which offers exclusive video clips of breaking-news events, as well as other


It normally sells for $4.95 monthly at ( ).

Gaining a premium news service was a key goal for AOL's new broadband
strategy, announced in December, according to Carlos Silva, the unit's vice
president of programming.

An AOL customer study showed that more
than 57 percent of AOL Broadband users log on daily to check headline news,
second in use only to electronic mail.

The idea is to build content that keeps members coming back daily to the AOL
service, thereby increasing its value to subscribers.

"Every single day, our members will have great content
available from the best news brand in the business," Silva said.

"And if it's there, then we have the opportunity to promote the other kinds
of exclusive and great content that's on broadband, because they are coming back
every day for their news."