AOL Launches Broadband-Marketing Strike


Three months after announcing a new plan of attack for broadband, America
Online Inc. launched a massive nationwide marketing campaign during Sunday
night's Oscar broadcast.

The campaign -- reportedly costing upward of $35 million, although AOL would
not confirm that number -- is intended to soften up the broadband beachhead for
a March 31 debut of its revamped high-speed service.

Using the slogan, "Welcome to the World Wide WOW," the new service, aimed at
AOL's 27 million online customers, will offer beefed-up content and added
services such as firewall protection and enhanced electronic mail.

Through the end of the year, new AOL Broadband customers will pay $9.95
monthly for the service, in addition to what they pay their service provider for
the high-speed connection. After that, the service fee will rise to the $14.95
rate for existing customers.

On a related note, the Internet-service provider also announced Monday that
it has added ABC News' live streaming-media news service to its AOL Broadband
content lineup.

Offered free to AOL Broadband members, "ABC News Live" offers streaming audio
and video of breaking-news events, which have been dominated recently by the war
with Iraq.

AOL cut a similar deal with Cable News Network earlier this