AOL Music Touts Irish Alliance


America Online Inc. said Thursday that subscribers to its AOL High Speed
Broadband service will have exclusive access to Irish entertainment through a
cross-promotional partnership the company has signed with All Ireland Now.

For seven days, AOL members (or subscribers to the company's other Web
properties) who have high-speed cable-modem or digital-subscriber-line service
will have exclusive access to a short film called Sightings of Bono,
featuring the popular U2 musician.

Other exclusive content will include U2 music videos, as well as footage from
the Irish Music Awards.

The companies plan to add advanced ticket sales for concerts and CD purchases
to the content, available at AOL Keyword: All Ireland Now.

AOL High Speed Broadband is available in more than 30 Time Warner Cable

AOL continues to develop exclusive broadband content as a way to encourage
subscribers to upgrade to its own high-speed Internet