AP Engines Shifts Gears, CEOs


Reports that AP Engines Inc. has exited the cable-provisioning business may
be exaggerated, but things do appear to be changing at the Maynard, Mass.-based

Cofounder, president and CEO Jonathan Sieg has left the company to pursue
other interests, according to fellow cofounder and chief technology officer Bill
Willcox. Board member and telecommunications veteran Carl May has been named

Willcox said the company is not exiting the cable market, but it is shifting
its focus to reach a wider market -- reaching not only telecommunications
outfits, but also other businesses needing automated systems.

'I think we are focusing on the process automation, which is a big part of
what we've been focusing on in cable,' he said. 'I don't think it is a radical
shift, but it is a broadening of market focus to some degree and a focus on the
process-automation part, which is really core to what we've been doing in cable.
It still applies there, and we believe it also applies in other areas.'

AP's chief product is the 'AP Interlink' integration platform -- a suite of
work-flow tools that can knit together multiple operating systems, automate
service provisioning and activation and collect usage data.

While noting that automation would be a focus going forward, Willcox declined
to say how exactly the product would change as the company refocuses.

'I think we will emphasize those products that we believe have the strongest
appeal in the marketplace, but I can't comment right now on anything more
specific than that,' he added. 'Everything we are doing is to make sure we are
competitive in the marketplace in the long run. So any decisions we make are
toward that goal -- to make us stable in the marketplace in the long run.'

Time Warner Cable used the AP InterLink platform in its multiple-access
trials in Columbus, Ohio. While full-service rollout offering EarthLink Network
Inc. and America Online Inc. recently started there, Willcox said, the operator
is still evaluating how it will roll out the various provisioning