Aperto, TollBridge Team Up on Wireless


Milpitas, Calif.-Aperto Networks, a new developer of multi-service fixed-broadband wireless-access platforms, and TollBridge Technologies Inc., a developer of high-quality, voice-over-broadband solutions for the new generation of carriers, plan to announce today (July 10) a partnership to deliver voice-over-Internet protocol for wireless networks.

The relationship leverages TollBridge's market lead in delivering packetized voice over digital subscriber lines and other broadband-access media and Aperto's highly innovative "ServiceQ" architecture in order to enable the introduction of multiservice wireless access.

The companies expect to deliver joint solutions to market early next year.

Aperto licensed TollBridge's voice-over-broadband technology for integration into its customer-premises devices. This standards-based technology enables the encapsulation of multiple voice channels into single packet streams to aggregate multiple voice calls to class-5 circuit switches. This integration is key to ensuring cost-effective traffic consolidation for wireless and wireline service providers.

Aperto is being introduced to market at the Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) annual conference in New Orleans this week.

Aperto said last week that it has targeted the multiservice fixed-broadband wireless-access market. The company added that its technologies and business model address service-provider and end-user needs for rapid network deployment, network and service scalability, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.

Aperto's capabilities in the sub-11-gigahertz wireless spectrum will support both carrier infrastructure and end-user network-service platforms.

According to The Strategis Group, global service revenues for fixed broadband wireless are projected to be $16.3 billion by 2004, a compound annual growth rate of 140 percent over 1999. Key to the growth are breakthroughs in the ease, affordability and manageability of bandwidth in new wireless-network technology.

Aperto is focused on the development of standards-based wireless-access equipment for global markets in the 2.5-GHz multichannel-multipoint-distribution-service, 3.5-GHz and 5-GHz frequency bands.

Operating in all three bands, Aperto's media-access-control layer offers flexible duplexing that will meet the stringent requirements, regulations and standards of service providers worldwide with a single, integrated product family.