Arbitron, Edison Track Broadband Usage


Broadband users spend almost as much time online as they do with TV and
radio, according to the latest 'Internet 9' survey conducted by Arbitron Inc.
and Edison Media Research.

The two groups -- which have interviewed Internet users each year over the
past nine years -- found that broadband users spend two hours per day online,
compared with two hours and 19 minutes with radio and two hours and 35 minutes
for TV.

But despite the expanded broadband usage, high-speed access still appears to
be a hard sell. Of the 2,511 Internet consumers surveyed in July 2002, 28
percent said they had broadband already and another 13 percent who had dial-up
said they planned on getting broadband in the next year. But a large portion of
dial-up users -- 55 percent -- said they had no plans to get broadband in the
next year.

Among other items in the survey:

\u0007 Americans spent 58 minutes per day online in 2002, compared with 53 minutes
in 2001.

\u0007 Some 38 percent have made a purchase online, compared with 36 percent last

\u0007 Streaming users are fairly even by age groups, with 41 percent of 18-
through 34-year-olds reporting that they stream once a month, while 34 percent
of 35- through 54-year-olds stream once a month. Some 22 percent of broadband
users said they streamed in the past week.