Arbitron: Moviegoers Receptive to Ads


Arbitron Inc. announced Tuesday that moviegoers find cinema commercials more
interesting and more acceptable than television advertising.

According to its newly released "Arbitron Cinema Study: Appointment Viewing
by Young, Affluent, Captive Audiences," Arbitron said two-thirds of all
moviegoers and seven out of 10 young adults (aged 12 through 24) said they did
not mind commercials that precede in-theater movies.

Arbitron -- which conducted a series of four surveys on cinema ads from July
2002 through this past April -- also reported that consumers tended to arrive at
the theater 19 minutes early, on average.

About 40 percent of Americans aged 12 and up went to the movies "in the past
month" during the holiday 2002 season, the researcher added.

Cable and broadcast networks are among companies that have bought cinema