Architecting Interactivity


Jason Gaedtke, 32

Comcast Interactive Media

For Comcast Interactive Media chief architect Jason Gaedtke, it all started at a local Radio Shack in the mid-80s. That’s when he got his first computer, a Tandy Color Computer II. He was around 10 years old.

“I wrote some simple BASIC programs and played many games, but it wasn’t until I upgraded to a PC with a dial-up modem and Windows 3.1 about five years later that I decided to turn my hobby into a profession,” he said.

Now Gaedtke leads a team of architects within Comcast’s Interactive Media division. His group is responsible for assessing technical market dynamics, performing partner diligence and selection, defining system architectures, and supporting the CIM engineering team in the development of digital media properties such as

Before joining the CIM organization in early 2006, Gaedtke held similar technical roles within Comcast’s communications engineering and new media development groups.

Prior to these roles at Comcast, Gaedtke was a project director at CableLabs where he led the PacketCable Dynamic Quality of Service and Multimedia focus teams in developing the PacketCable Multimedia specification.