TBS hopes to capitalize
on the success of the Are We There
movie franchise with a television
version that doesn’t quite get there,
from a breakout comedy standpoint.

Terry Crews (Everybody Hates
) takes over the character of
Nick Parsons, whom series executive
producer Ice Cube made
famous in the movie franchise. Ice
Cube also has a recurring role as
the brother of Nick’s wife, Suzanne,
played by Essence Atkins (Half and
). Suzanne’s two kids, Kevin
(Coy Stewart) and Lindsey (Teala
Dunn), and Nick’s mother, portrayed
by Telma Hopkins (Family
), round out the cast.

The series picks up where the Are
We There Yet?
sequel Are We Done Yet?
leaves off, with the two newlyweds
and the kids getting used to living
under one roof. In the pilot episode,
Nick becomes unhinged when Suzanne
chooses to hyphenate her last
name, while the kids wrestle with
whether to call Nick daddy.

Fairly or not, viewers will ultimately
compare the series to the
movie franchise, and the sitcom
pilot fails to live up to the raw
humor and funny character interactions
that made the franchise
successful. The series pilot plays
like a typical TV-family sitcom and
lacks the charm of the movie.

The pilot did have its share of
laughs and the characters mesh
well together. But Are We There Yet?
will need to find its own comedic
voice if TBS wants viewers to consistently
visit this destination.