Armstrong: Expect to See a ‘Major Push’ on Yahoo, AOL Brands

Says Oath is B2B portfolio brand for company’s digital consumer brands
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AOL CEO Tim Armstrong shed a bit more light on Oath, the new business-facing brand that will encompass Verizon’s mix of consumer digital brands, including AOL, Yahoo, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and Tumblr, among others.

Oath won’t be a consumer brand, though Verizon will tout it under a “major marketing campaign” after the company wraps up its pending acquisition of  certain pieces of Yahoo.

“This is really a B2B brand that supports our front-facing brands,” Armstrong said Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box. “We’re building the world’s largest portfolio of digital brands, and we wanted something that would be a B-to-B name that would connect to all the brands.”

He likened the approach to the branding that one might see on a hat. “Huffington Post or TechCrunch or Yahoo Sports might be on the front, Oath would be on the side.”

Armstrong’s comments come the day after reports about the new Oath brand surfaced, followed by a tweet from the AOL CEO that confirmed it.

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Armstrong also stressed that brands like AOL and Yahoo will continue, with a “resurgence” ahead for them. “There will be a major push on those brands,” he said.

Verizon will also be investing in Yahoo and the Sunnyvale, Calif., campus, and that AOL core brands will also be moving there.

“We are going to be all-in, in terms of building awesome products and services around the biggest brands we have,” Armstrong said.

Apparently not coming along for the ride at Oath will be current Yahoo Marissa Mayer, according to Recode, which reported that the terms of her exit is still being negotiated.

According to a transcript from CNBC, Armstrong would only say that “we’re working with Marissa and her team to basically get the company completely set up to operate probably by the end of Q2. Marissa will see it through the next phase overall.”