Arris Lines Up Triple-Tuner Moxi DVR


Arris is picking up where Digeo left off in positioning the direct-to-consumer Moxi DVR as a high-end alternative to TiVos, announcing a three-tuner DVR that will let users record three shows simultaneously while watching up to three programs at the same time in different rooms.

In September, Arris acquired the assets of the Paul Allen-backed DVR firm for about $20 million in cash. Neither Arris nor Digeo has disclosed how many Moxi DVRs have been sold to date but previously Digeo said it has deployed around 300,000 units to cable operators.

The company will sell the three-tuner Moxi HD DVR in a bundle with one "Moxi Mate" multiroom DVR client for $799 suggested retail price; a three-room bundle with two Moxi Mates goes for $999. The product is initially available only at

"We heard from customers that they wanted to record more than two shows at once," said Marc Beckwitt, Arris' vice president of video business development for consumer premises equipment. He noted the three-tuner Moxi DVR is not available in a version aimed at cable operators.

In advance of the holiday-shopping season, Arris also is cutting pricing for its dual-tuner Moxi HD DVR to $499 (it was formerly $799) and the Moxi Mate to $299 (formerly $399). In addition, Arris announced plans to deliver live TV programming on the Moxi Mate via the Moxi HD DVR.

Enhanced Moxi features scheduled for release later this month include the ability to specify preferred recording settings that can be applied to any new recorded TV shows or TV series, and a new menu structure.

Another change under Arris: Moxi customers can now pay with a credit card instead of the PayPal option previously offered by Digeo.