Arris, Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 Voice Modems Certified


CableLabs announced Monday that it has awarded certified status to Arris Group and Motorola for devices that have integrated DOCSIS 3.0 with the ability to deliver cable digital voice, using the industry’s PacketCable specification.

According to the consortium, the certifications are the first of PacketCable-embedded multimedia terminal adapters (eMTAs) which also incorporate the high-speed, channel bonding technology of DOCSIS 3.0.

CableLabs said certification of eMTAs with DOCSIS 1.1 lagged data-modem certification by more than a year. That shrank to six months with DOCSIS 2.0 and to only a few weeks in the case of DOCSIS 3.0.

“This trend highlights advances in cable technology and points to even more rapid innovation for cable going forward,” CableLabs chief technology officer Ralph Brown said in a statement.

CableLabs certified Arris and Motorola eMTAs for DOCSIS 3.0 last month.