Artel Bringing `VSG' to VOD


Artel Video Systems' new technology contribution to next week's National Show
will be a set of transmission/transport platforms customized for video-on-demand

The first two products in that set, known as "VSG," will be available for
sale during National Show activity in Chicago.

One, nicknamed "VSGx," uses a gigabit-Ethernet design to support current VOD
architectures and provide spectrum for future applications. The second, "VSGm,"
uses passive wavelength-division multiplexing to adapt content transmissions to
any cable-system-crafted VOD topology.

Artel officials maintained that VSGx can handle up to 30,000 MPEG-2 (Moving
Picture Expert Group) video streams on one fiber, while reducing transport costs
to a cable system by 50 percent compared with other platforms.

Artel is discussing VSG sales with a number of operators, according to a
company executive. Time Warner Cable and parent AOL Time Warner Inc. are among
the vendor's charter customers.