Ashley Laurent Joins Home-Networking Hunt


Broadband-gateway supplier Ashley Laurent Inc. is the latest to jump aboard the cable platform with a software package that now supports Texas Instruments Inc.'s silicon.

Ashley Laurent's "BroadWay 2.0" software package provides the broadband residential gateway and software based on Cable Television Laboratories Inc.'s CableHome standards. The BroadWay software includes firewall, advanced security, virtual private networking and content filtering, among other features.

Electronics manufacturers that incorporate BroadWay into their gear will also be able to easily add new software upgrades as cable standards develop, including various flavors of the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.

"Ashley Laurent tailored its BroadWay residential-gateway software with the CableHome specification specifically to TI's leading DOCSIS platform," said Dennis Rauschmayer, director of marketing for TI's cable-broadband-communications group.

"This provides TI's customers with access to solid, robust and complete solutions for residential gateway and CableHome applications," he added.