Atlantic Wires W. Va. Evacuee Area

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Atlantic Broadband Inc. said it installed new lines, equipment and a TV set Friday to bring video service to the building at the Army National Guard base in Kingwood, W. Va., which houses a child-care center for people who had to evacuate areas afflicted by Hurricane Katrina.

There are about 400 evacuees currently housed at the Camp Dawson Army training center, 78 of them children, from infants to older teens. The vast majority were residents of downtown New Orleans, who were transported from the Louisiana Superdome shelter.
The cable company -- which serves nearby areas in West Virginia -- said it returned to Camp Dawson Monday to wire a makeshift nursery where the very youngest of the evacuees spend much of their time.

The company also installed new set-tops and provided the more expansive digital-video service in common areas where most of the adults from New Orleans gather, making available to them New Orleans Saints games on NFL Network and hundreds of additional movies.

It will also donate age-appropriate school supplies for children who will be attending classes while in West Virginia.