Atlas, Tandberg Eye Ad Measurement


Marketing-measurement firm Atlas and digital-video-systems provider Tandberg Television announced a partnership to develop a joint on-demand-advertising campaign-management product line.

Atlas will provide its automated campaign management, ad-decision logic, optimization and reporting tools for media buyers, while Tandberg will supply its “AdPoint” on-demand-advertising platform used to manage dynamic ad placement.

The resulting integrated products will allow ad agencies to plan, buy, execute, optimize and measure video-on-demand campaigns. It will also give cable operators and network programmers a way to manage dynamic ad placement and achieve greater revenue opportunities.

"Our partnership with Atlas aligns two market leaders serving the media-buying and media-selling communities,” said Braxton Jarratt, Tandberg’s senior vice president of marketing and business development. "By combining AdPoint with the technology of Atlas On Demand, we expect to deliver a seamless, end-to-end working solution that removes the technical hurdles to on-demand advertising."