AT&T Adds Another ISP Deal


AT&T Broadband added yet another name to its
multiple-Internet-service-provider list, announcing a pact with Seattle-based
Internet Central to offer high-speed cable-modem service.

EarthLink Inc. also has a deal with AT&T Broadband to begin offering
cable-modem service in Seattle, which will be the MSO's first multiple-ISP

The operator also has plans to start multiple-ISP service in its Boston/New
England system with EarthLink and Massachusetts ISP Net1Plus.

'Reaching this agreement with Internet Central shows our deep commitment to
working with multiple ISPs to provide consumers with a choice of high-speed
cable Internet providers,' AT&T Broadband president and CEO Bill Schleyer
said in a prepared statement.

'In reaching yet another agreement, we are continuing the momentum to provide
multiple-ISP choice to our customers,' he added.

Although Schleyer has downplayed the connection in the past, the ISP deals
may also be an argument to federal regulators not to require multiple-ISP access
as a condition of the MSO's pending merger with Comcast Corp.