AT&T Adds Media-Operations Center


AT&T Corp. debuted a new media-network-operations center aimed at content
providers intent on distributing Internet-protocol video across the Internet in
pay-per-view and subscription models.

The center will provide enhanced monitoring and management services for
broadcast video and rich-media content over AT&T's nationwide
asynchronous-transfer-mode network.

The center will use AT&T's 'Intelligent Content Distribution Service' and
IP backbone to deliver new streaming capabilities.

AT&T said the media center will provide content acquisition, encoding,
storage and centralcasting services with two viewing options.

For instance, customers could register and prepay for a sporting event that
is scheduled to be aired on the Internet. AT&T would distribute the event to
edge servers to speed delivery of the content to end-users when the event

Consumers could also access and pay for content on a per-use basis, AT&T