AT&T AdWorks Tests Cross-Screen Addressable Ads

Opera Mediaworks To Send TV Ads To Same Consumers On Mobile

AT&T AdWorks said it is testing the ability to let advertisers target ads to particular households and reach the same consumers with the same message on mobile devices, too.

Working with the Opera Mediaworks mobile platform, the mobile ads would include a call to action, such as clicking to call in response to a message, receiving coupons or adding an event to a calendar – and can measure a consumer’s response, such as a visit to a retailer, making a purchase or redeeming a coupon.

AT&T already lets advertisers target individual households that meet an advertiser’s criteria. The addressable base is 12 million DirecTV homes (as a result of AT&T’s merger with the satellite-TV provider) equipped with DVRs that receive the ads within recorded programming. Opera Mediaworks said in a release that the trial would experiment with “ground-breaking capabilities for customization, measurement and attribution.”

Opera Mediaworks is a vendor to AT&T but can reach more than 285 million mobile subscribers from other major U.S. wireless carriers, as well, delivering customized ads within popular apps. Opera Mediaworks would determine which mobile devices to target and send the ad to apps on those devices, the companies said. 

AT&T said it does not sell personally identifiable information to vendors and that AT&T household customers who do not want to receive addressable ads can opt out of “relevant advertising”  by visiting the AT&T privacy policy.