AT&T Bows Chromecast-Supported Streaming Option for Hotels

Taps Sonifi’s ‘Staycast’ platform to let hotel guests stream to hotel room TVs

AT&T said it is using Sonify Solutions’s “Staycast” system to enable hotels with DirecTV service to provide a way for guests to stream video from their personal smartphones to the room’s TV set.

Staycast is powered by the Google Chromecast streaming adapter, and doesn’t require guests to separately log in to the TV with their credentials. AT&T noted that Sonify’s system is also compatible with existing wiring and all DirecTV HD systems.

AT&T said hotel guests on properties with DirecTV service that support Staycast need to connect to the hotel’s WiFi service, download the Hotel Cast app (for iOS and Android) and enter a provided passcode. The guest will then be directed to tap the “cast” icon on the app, which works with more than 1,000 Chromecast-enabled apps, AT&T said.

“Consumers are now taking their entertainment with them wherever they go, including hotels,” Ed Balcerzak, senior vice president, commercial & connected communities at AT&T, said in a statement.

AT&T/DirecTV is just one of several new OTT-focused solutions emerging that are targeted at the hospitality market.

Of recent note, Dish Network said it has soft-launched the Evolve, a “set-back box” tailored for the industry that is powered by Android TV, manufactured by LG Electronics. That system, which connects to Dish’s SMARTBOX video distribution system for hotels, also includes an interactive programming guide and a version of Chromecast that is integrated with the TV.

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