AT&T Broadband Sued for Redlining


In a lawsuit that aims to derail the AT&T Broadband-Comcast Corp. merger,
the former was accused Thursday of intentionally failing to upgrade minority
neighborhoods in Florida in order to focus on nonminority and high-income

The class-action suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern
District of Florida, accused AT&T Broadband of 'electronic redlining,' or
overcharging subscribers and lying to government agencies about its
customer-service performance.

Christopher Larmoyeux, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, is also seeking
an injunction that would halt the AT&T-Comcast merger by blocking the
transfer of AT&T Broadband franchises.

In a prepared statement, AT&T Broadband general counsel Rick Bailey said
the MSO 'completely rejects any claim of redlining.' He added that the company
is confident that the lawsuit won't affect the Comcast merger.

While two Florida residents currently represent the defendants, Larmoyeux
said he's seeking to build a national class-action case against AT&T
Broadband, and he'll gather data from the MSO's systems nationwide.

The court scheduled a Sept. 5 hearing, at which Larmoyeux said he'll seek
discovery information from AT&T Broadband to help build his