AT&T: Centralization Push Persists


AT&T Broadband chief operating officer Ron Cooper told analysts and investors Monday that the MSO's decentralization push -- which led to 500
headquarters job cuts recently -- is still under way.

'Our bias is to push more responsibility, resources and authority out to the
field,' Cooper said at the Bear Stearns & Co. Media, Entertainment &
Information conference in Palm Beach, Fla.

'One of the things we thought was very important was to remove ambiguity
about who had the `X' on their back to deliver results,' he added. 'Now, in our
company, it is crystal clear -- it is our senior vice presidents in our 15

Cooper said certain functions would remain centralized.

Those are mainly operations with significant scale in a single place, such as
procurement and information-technology management; those that have a need for
consistency, like brand management and financial reporting; and those that have
unique resources or expertise, like research and development.