AT&T Continues to Tweak U-verse in San Antonio


AT&T’s U-verse service has been available to customers in San Antonio since July and, according to USA Today, some early adopters of the Internet Protocol television system have already dropped it and reupped with Time Warner Cable.

Consider the experience of Kathy Farmer, as described by USA Today reporter Leslie Cauley in the Oct. 18 issue. Within days of having U-verse installed, she said, the service started “spontaneously rebooting itself,” interrupting her viewing. She also had problems with the digital video recorder.

Cauley told USA Today that when she tried to erase recorded shows to make room for others, the TV would “totally lock up.” Each meltdown erased her DVR settings, forcing her to reprogram the box.

The automated “help” system, which is supposed to send fix-it messages to the user’s TV set was also not helpful at all. She’d hoped to stick with U-verse at least for the three-month free trial, but she returned to Time Warner after two weeks.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about the service. I want to watch TV,” she said.

AT&T has upgraded its DVR, according to company spokesman Selim Bingol. The telco says its box now can record up to three programs while the user watches a fourth, “something no cable or satellite company currently offers,” he said.

As a thank-you for coming back, Farmer told USA Today that Time Warner gave her a month of free video, an extra DVR box and extra channels.

“I’m the winner,” she said. “Competition is very healthy for the customer.”