AT&T Eyes 47 DMAs For Local Ads By End Of 2011, With Cable's Help

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AT&T expects to deliver local ads in 47 designated market areas across the U.S. by year-end -- up from 14 DMAs today -- across 50 cable networks in association with partners that include the ad-sales teams of Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications.

The telco said it is currently inserting ads in 14 DMAs, with plans to expand to 21 DMAs in October and growing to 47 by the end of the year. AT&T did not provide details on which markets it is targeting; the U-verse TV service is currently available in 22 states.

The one DMA that has been announced is St. Louis, where U-verse TV will begin airing ads Oct. 31 for the beginning of the November broadcast month, through a deal with Charter

Under its deal with Comcast, U-verse TV markets covered include: Atlanta; Hartford, Conn.; Memphis, Tenn.; Champaign, Ill.; Houston; Miami; Chicago; Indianapolis; Detroit; Jackson, Miss.; Nashville, Tenn.; Lansing, Grand Rapids and Flint, Mich.; West Palm Beach and Jacksonville, Fla.; Fresno, Monterey and Sacramento, Calif.; San Francisco; and Little Rock, Ark. 

Time Warner Cable is handling ad buys in Los Angeles, Dallas and other markets where it overlaps with AT&T U-verse TV.

NCC, the spot cable sales organization owned by Comcast, TWC and Cox Communications, will manage multimarket buys on behalf of AT&T U-verse TV for national advertisers.

AT&T is using equipment from vendors including BigBand Networks and SeaChange International to insert local ads into U-verse TV.