AT&T Has Trouble Tweeting Action Day Blog

Link prompts ‘unsafe warning,’ ‘try again’ advisory
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A source at AT&T said the company was unable to Tweet the blog post from executive Bob Quinn Tuesday, July 11, that AT&T was joining the net neutrality Day of Action in support of an Open Internet, but not the Title II regime the Action Day was established to support by Title II fans.

Twitter, Google, Amazon, and many other edge providers are participating in the July 12 pro-Title II protest day.

The source said the timing of the twitter "block"—they supplied screen grabs of the failed efforts—seemed "odd.”

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An effort by B&C to access the blog from a Tweet with the blog link sent out by CTIA was successful, but only after a screen that warned that the link might be unsafe and clinking on a link that said: "ignore this warning and continue."

"Is someone deliberately blocking content they disagree with?," asked the AT&T source. Preventing the blocking of speech was one of the reasons Title II fans say the 2015 Open Internet order's common carrier-related regs must remain in place.

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A Twitter spokesperson said the issue had been resolved, but did not comment on why there had been a problem. "I think if you'll look again you'll see this has been resolved," said the spokesperson, without elaboration.