AT&T Hooks Free HBO Into Unlimited Mobile Plans

Makes offer to new and existing and new mobile customers, no pay TV subscription required

AT&T is sweetening the pot of its Unlimited Plus mobile plan by adding HBO for no added cost, including to new and existing customers who don’t take a pay TV package such as DirecTV, DirecTV Now or U-verse TV.

The offer kicks off Thursday (April 6) and comes less than two months after AT&T expanded its unlimited mobile data plans to drop a requirement that those customers also bundle a pay TV service from the company.

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AT&T subs who already get HBO via DirecTV, DirecTV Now or U-verse TV will continue to get it, but will also receive a credit on their next couple of video bills.

Those on the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan that don’t take a pay TV service from AT&T will get credentials to access HBO via the DirecTV Now or HBO Go apps.

AT&T is also pitching a $25 monthly video credit on any of its video services while those customers remain on the unlimited wireless plan.

AT&T is making the move with HBO as all of its major U.S. mobile service rivals, including T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, introduce or expand unlimited plans of their own.

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Comcast hasn’t announced how video might factor into a mobile service it intends to launch by mid-year. Comcast plans to offer more details about its mobile service on Thursday morning (April 6).