AT&T Invades Time Warner Cable In Austin


AT&T, set to begin installing U-verse TV for customers in parts of the Austin area Nov. 19, will come hard after Time Warner Cable with a number of incentives to make the switch in Texas’ fourth largest metro area.

The telco, which is offering the service in parts of Austin, Pflugerville and Round Rock, said it will continue to increase U-verse availability throughout the area on an ongoing basis.

New U-verse customers, through Jan. 31, will receive a choice of free high-definition service for a year, $100 cash back or one month of free TV service if they order the U200, U300 or U400 packages by phone. Customers who order one of those packages via AT&T's Web site will receive $100 cash back and one month of free TV service.

“We know that Central Texans have been eagerly awaiting AT&T U-verse, and we’re just as excited to bring them a new and better video choice,” AT&T Austin market manager Adrian Cardwell said, in a statement. “Now our customers can find out for themselves why we say U-verse TV is beyond cable and beyond expectations.”

AT&T said it also offers new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. U-verse currently offers more than 320 channels, while upward of 30 HD channels are available for $10 per month extra with any U-verse TV package.

Nationally, AT&T has disclosed a less-aggressive U-verse rollout schedule: On Tuesday, the company said the network supporting U-verse would pass 17 million homes by the end of 2008. That's down from a target of 18 million by then, announced in May, which was a pullback from the previous goal of 19 million homes by year-end 2008.

AT&T also said it expects to spend $500 million more than previously reported on the U-verse expansion in 2007-08.