AT&T to Offer Free PPV Previews

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In a move aimed at boosting pay-per-view awareness and
buy-rates, AT&T Broadband & Internet Services (formerly Tele-Communications Inc.)
will offer five-minute previews of its digital PPV movies.

The previews -- similar to what hotel PPV services offer to
entice guests to order PPV -- provide free, five-minute clips of most of AT&T
Broadband's Headend in the Sky PPV movies, said Robyn Remick, director of partnership
marketing and PPV for AT&T Broadband.

Viewer's Choice and AT&T Broadband will screen
movies to make sure that the previews are suitable for all audiences.

Remick called the program "an effective way to allow
customers to see if they want to order a particular movie."

Through the previews, Remick hopes to generate a 10 percent
increase in digital-PPV-movie performance.

"If we promote it effectively and let people know that
it's available, I think that we can draw viewers to the service," she said.
"We want them to be able to sample PPV."

The preview is one of several promotions that the MSO is
working on to help goose PPV buys.

But one thing that AT&T Broadband will not participate
in is the traditional PPV "nevers" and sweepstakes campaigns, Remick said.
Instead, the MSO will look to offer added-value programs that reward viewers for
purchasing PPV movies and events.

"As we continue to grow our digital base, we believe
that added-value promotions are the way to go [to promote PPV]," she said.