AT&T Reaches Carriage Deal With Entertainment Studios

Deal Secured After Two Sides Settle Discrimination Lawsuit

AT&T said Monday it will distribute Byron Allen-owned Entertainment Studios' portfolio of networks, a year after the content company and the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) filed a discrimination lawsuit against the telco.

The deal calls for A&T’s U-Verse and DirecTV to distribute Entertainment Studios’ seven high-definition networks – Comedy.Tv, Justice Central, Recipe.TV, ES.TV, MyDestination.TV, Cars TV and Pets TV, according to AT&T officials.

The carriage agreement comes after the two sides settled a $10 billion discrimination suit lawsuit filed in December 2014 by Entertainment Studios and NAAAOM against AT&T and DirecTv charging that the distribution companies refused to contract with 100% African-American owned media. Regarding the lawsuit, Entertainment Studios would only say that “the matter has been resolved.”

NAAAOM and Entertainment Studios still have a similar discrimination lawsuit pending against Comcast Cable.