AT&T Tees Up $200 TV-Wireless Combo

Deal Includes HD-DVR on 4 Receivers, 4 Wireless Lines
att-directv all in one 400x300.jpg

Soon after clinching its acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T will look to expand its subscriber pie with the August 10 launch of national wireless and TV "All in One" bundles that will tie in access to its satellite TV service or the telco’s IP-delivered U-verse TV offering.

Chief among the new bundles is a $200 per month mix that will include HD and DVR service for up to four TV receivers (DirecTV or U-verse TV, where available), unlimited talk and text for four wireless lines and 10 gigabytes of sharable wireless data. AT&T claims that the deal represents an annual savings of at least $600 in the first 12 months.

That deal, limited to new DirecTV and U-verse customers, comes with some caveats, including a 24-month agreement for DirecTV packages, and a 12-month agreement for U-verse TV plans. There’s a pro-rated early termination fee (up to $480 for DirecTV, and up to $180 for U-verse, if TV service is cancelled before the end of the term. After 12 months, the “prevailing standard rate” for TV ($85 for DirecTV Select and $93 for the U-verse U-Family tier) will apply. AT&T is offering the deal through Nov. 14, 2015.

As part of the Aug. 10 launch, new DirecTV subs will also have access to programming on their mobile devices (via the authenticated DirecTV TV Everywhere app) before service is installed in their homes.  AT&T said it’s now selling DirecTV at more than 2,000 of its retail stores nationwide.

AT&T also announced several other “All in One” plans, which also come with 12-month promotional pricing:

-DirecTV Select or U-verse U-Family, $50 per month

-DirecTV Xtra or U-verse U-200, $70

-DirecTV Ultimate or U-verse U-300, $75

-DirecTV Premiere or U-verse U-450, $125

Those subs can also add AT&T wireless services, including 10GB of shareable data and unlimited talk and text for four phone lines, for $160 per month.

Customers that combine TV services with eligible AT&T wireless services on a single monthly AT&T bill are also in line for a $10 combined bill discount.

DirecTV and U-Verse TV subs who switch to AT&T wireless service from another wireless provider will receive a $300 bill credit when they buy a smartphone on AT&T Next and trade in an eligible smartphone. 

AT&T also introduced a trio of high-speed Internet services “All-Included” plans that include a WiFi gateway, no monthly equipment fees, but are likewise saddled with a 12-month term with prorated early termination fees:

-Up to 6Mbps, $30 per month

- 24Mbps, $40 per month

-Up to 45Mbps and 75Mbps (depending on market), $50

“Today is the first of many planned moves to enable our customers to enjoy a premium entertainment experience almost anywhere,” Brad Bentley, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services, said in a statement.  “We’re going to deliver more TV and entertainment choices to more screens – when and where our customers want it. And we’ll offer incredible value with more flexibility and convenience through our integrated packages that deliver a great experience.”