AT&T Ties $25 Video Credit to Unlimited Wireless Plan

Credit for new plan with tethering can be applied to DirecTV, DirecTV Now or U-verse TV service
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AT&T has updated its new unlimited wireless service plan to include a $25 credit toward one of the company’s pay TV services, as well as 10 gigabytes of tethering data per smartphone on the plan.

 Under the latest plan, subs will get that video credit if they subscribe to DirecTV, DirecTV Now (the new OTT-TV service), or U-verse TV. Per the fine print, the credit excludes customers who signed up for the introductory, discounted, $35 per month version of the DirecTV Now “Go Big” plan.

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For the new tethering options, speeds will max out at 128 kbps when customers exceed their monthly 10 GB limit.

The updated plan comes a couple weeks after AT&T introduced an unlimited mobile data offering that removed a requirement that they also bundle in DirecTV or U-verse TV service. AT&T also introduced a new Unlimited Choice plan that offers unlimited data, but throttles maximum speeds to 3 Mbps, with standard-definition video streams limited to 1.5 Mbps.

AT&T recently added an optional “Stream Saver” feature that reduces mobile video to 480p quality.

For all unlimited mobile data plans from AT&T, the company could slow speeds during times of network congestion after a customer exceeds 22 GB of data usage per line over the course of a month.

AT&T’s shift back to unlimited mobile data plans follows a new unlimited offering from Verizon, a revised from T-Mobile, and a new unlimited offer from Sprint.