AT&T, TiVo Record PVR Deal

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AT&T Broadband has pressed the play button on a deal with TiVo Inc. to
co-market the personal-video-recording service to customers in select

AT&T Broadband and TiVo will co-market the special
digital-video-recording-service offer starting Nov. 15 in Denver, New England and the
Northern California cities of Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View, San Jose,
Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

Digital- or analog-cable customers in those cities can buy newly designed
TiVo boxes with 40 hours of recording capability -- 10 hours more than the
standard consumer TiVo offering -- for $299.99 plus a $9.95 monthly fee or a
$249 lifetime-service contract. Customers can order via AT&T Broadband and
have the self-installed units shipped to them.

For now, the TiVo boxes will link to digital customers' set-top boxes using
IR (infrared radiation) blaster interfaces. But plans are to develop a software
upgrade so that the two boxes can link directly via serial ports.

AT&T Broadband has not abandoned plans to create an integrated box
offering digital service and DVR capabilities, such as automatic recording and
pause of live TV.

But the TiVo deal does give the cabler a way to add the functions without
having to invest in an expensive advanced box.

'AT&T Broadband is very interested and will continue to pursue
opportunities to introduce an integrated PVR solution,' vice president of new
product development Karl Ossentjuk said.

'It's more as an interim strategy providing customers with an opportunity to
buy PVR service from a strong partner like TiVo, and it makes sense for TiVo,
AT&T Broadband and our customers,' he added.