AT&T U-verse TV Targets L.A.


AT&T plans to launch television service in the Los Angeles area “in the coming weeks,” hoping to poach customers from the Time Warner Cable system there that has been wrestling with customer-service problems.

The telco declined to provide more details about when and where it will roll out U-verse TV in the L.A. market. Last month, AT&T won a statewide franchise from California to offer video services. Meanwhile, Verizon Communications is marketing FiOS TV in 29 communities in Southern California.

AT&T, which has been stymied by various delays in deploying U-verse TV, also claimed that it has started to ramp up subscription growth for the service with an average installation rate of 2,000 per week. The telco said it currently has a total subscriber count of 18,000, up from 3,000 at the end of 2006.

In the first three months of 2007, AT&T launched U-verse TV in four markets: Milwaukee and Racine, Wis.; Kansas City; and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, where the service passes 200,000 homes.U-verse TV is now available in parts of 15 markets.

AT&T recently launched a limited-time promotion offering free HD programming for one year to drive up its subscriber counts for both U-verse TV, as well as the satellite-TV services it resells from EchoStar Communications and DirecTV.