ATVA Pushes Retrans Reform in New Online Video

Suggests Rules are Protectionist Relic of 90's and Should Go Way of Grunge, Brick Cell Phones

The American Television Alliance has created a new video on YouTube and will be on its Web site--urging viewers to contact their representatives about 'updating' retrans.

The Video is entitled "Retrans Rules: Totally 90s. Totally Broken," and portrays retrans rules as an outdated holdover from the 90's. "Contact your Representative or Senator and ask them to update retransmission consent rules."

ATVA has long pushed the FCC to prevent blackouts during retrans impasses and to refer them to arbitration, among other reforms.

The online video is being rolled out the same day ATVA, whose members include major cable and satellite operators, took aim at CBS in its ongoing retrans battle with Time Warner Cable. "Broadcasters will keep jacking up retrans fees unless Congress steps in and protects consumers. It’s time for video rules that were written in this century," ATVA said.

The CBS/TWC retrans battle has been heating up in recent days.