Audience Measurement


The in-depth metrics and reporting you’ve come to expect from the Web are now available for television

Our software offers web-like performance metrics and provides customized and standardized reports, enabling you to measure viewer behavior and engagement and maximize your return on investment. These metrics allow you to refine your content for even greater effectiveness.

Ensequence enables you to measure:

  • Number of viewers (unique & repeat): Determine the number of viewers who choose to go interactive.
  • Geography: Determine the zip code of your viewers to better target your interactive experiences.
  • Viewer entry point: Understand how viewers are accessing interactive content: through on-screen prompts, portals, VOD, EPGs, etc. (We also provide the date, time and the program that viewers enter from.)
  • Opt-in rate: Understand the percentage of viewers who opt in to the experience.
  • Visit duration: Determine the amount of time viewers spend in the experience.
  • Content views: Determine the most popular features of the experience and the amount of time spent in each section.
  • Survey and poll results: Capture viewer responses to surveys and polls.
  • Request for information: Capture the number of responses including the name, e-mail address, phone number and billing information of viewers who request information and make purchases.
  • Purchases: Calculate the conversion rate and capture the contact and payment information of viewers who make purchases.
  • Aggregated results: Aggregate results across all platforms including cable, satellite, IPTV, broadband and mobile.