AutumnWave Brings HD to Laptops


AutumnWave said its OnAir GT is the first mobile device to allow consumers to receive HD and analog over-the-air, as well as and digital quadrature-amplitude-modulation and analog cable-television broadcasts, on laptops.

The OnAir GT -- which carries a suggested retail price of $179 -- also functions as an HD digital-video recorder, the vendor added.

“As we looked at consumer buying habits of high-quality, high-tech entertainment products, we realized that there was an opportunity for mobile HDTV in the marketplace,” AutumnWave CEO Patrick Park said in a prepared statement.

“The OnAir GT fills that gap," he added. "The OnAir GT is compact so consumers who travel frequently or live in tight quarters, like dorm rooms or studio apartments, can experience high-definition television wherever a receivable broadcast signal exists for a fraction of the usual cost.”