AWS-3 Auction Appears to Be Winding Down...Again

New Bids Have Only Totaled in $20-$30 Million Range
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For the second time, the AWS-3 auction appears to be winding down. The first time was before the FCC changed the rules to goose the auction, shortening the bidding rounds and essentially requiring bidders to weigh in or get out.

Following a flurry of new bids that drove the dollar amount above $43 billion, the provisional bid total has been rising by "only" $20 million-$30 million for the past couple of rounds, and all but three of the 1,614 licenses have bids.

The new total is $43,629,147,500, with $27,376,900 in new bids (80 of them) in round 88, though that was up from $20,967,000 on 64 bids in round 87. The auction started Nov. 13.

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