AWS-3 Auction Continues to Slow

Only a Handful of New Bids in Most Recent Round

After day two of bidding following a holiday break, the AWS-3 spectrum auction ended Tuesday (Jan. 6) on round 157, which drew only eight new bids for licenses in smaller markets, totaling $1,632,000.

The auction began Nov. 13 and has so far generated $44,593,143,200 in provisional bids—they are not final until the paperwork is finished, the money is paid up, and the public is allowed to comment.

All of the major market licenses have been apparently locked up for weeks, with no bids on any of the top 15 priciest licenses since round 64. There are numerous geographic licenses covering New York, with three of them drawing over $1 billion each, and one of them the top price overall at $2.762 billion.

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