AWS-3 Auction: Make That $43 Billion

Spectrum Auction Continues to Earn Money for FirstNet, Treasury

The FCC's AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction passed another milestone, Wednesday, pushing past the $43 billion figure with $43,021,856,200 in total provisional bids for the 65 MHz of spectrum up for auction, a combination of private and government spectrum the FCC put together to free up for wireless broadband.

New bids for the latest round (there were 110 of them) totaled $53,995,600. Currently only 8 of the 1,614 licenses up for auction have no bids. At one point all of them did, but some were subsequently withdrawn. That will not affect the ability of the auction to close, which happens when there are no more bids or waivers in a round.

Among the 70 bidders are AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, which are expected to get the lion's share of the spectrum up for auction.

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