AWS-3 Cruises Into Holiday Break

Tops $44.5 Billion; Scheduled to Resume Jan. 5

The AWS-3 spectrum auction continued to roll along Tuesday, topping $44.5 billion—$44,512,340,500 as of round 134, in which there were 39 new bids totaling $8,760,000.

The auction will continue until there are no more bids or waivers in a round, with the caveat that it is taking a hiatus over the holidays, closing down after the last round Tuesday (Dec. 23) and not starting up again until 10 a.m. Jan. 5—assuming it does not end in the next five rounds—with eight rounds per day. The FCC increased to eight rounds from six rounds on Dec. 19 to try to further speed the auction toward its close.

The auction began Nov. 13 and has exceeded even the most generous predictions of its total take, more than quadrupling its reserve bid price in the process.

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