'Baby Mama' PPV Purchasers Receive '30 Rock' Preview

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Saturday Night Livealum Tina Fey will trade in her Sarah Palin impersonation to appear on pay-per-view and video on demand as NBC Universal premieres her theatrical comedy film Baby Mama on cable and satellite systems Oct. 8.

As part of the PPV/VOD premiere of the movie – which also stars comedian Amy Pohler as a free spirit who agrees to have a baby for Fey’s more career-oriented character -- NBCU will give viewers purchasing the film a sneak preview of the upcoming season of 30 Rock. The Emmy Award-winning series, which stars Fey, premieres on NBC Oct. 30.

NBCU will also make available to operators and satellite providers for PPV/VOD distribution several classic movies featuring SNL alumni: The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy); Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler); The Blues Brothers (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd); Sixteen Candles (Anthony Michael Hall); National Lampoon’s Animal House (John Belushi); and Fletch (Chevy Chase).