‘Ballers’ Back on HBO July 23

Dwayne Johnson’s Spencer goes after a ‘jackpot deal’ in season three, says network

HBOcomedyBallersreturns for season three July 23. Created by Stephen Levinson, the new season features 10 episodes.

Dwayne Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore, who “returns with a new outlook and fresh goals,” says HBO, “hoping to forge bonds with new players across the country while improving his relationships with existing clients.”

Season three also sees Spencer and Joe Krutel, played by Rob Corddry, go after a “jackpot deal.” Adds HBO about the new season, “Ricky Jerret’s newfound discoveries affect his personal and professional life; Vernon Littlefield and Reggie accept a risky endorsement deal; ex-player Charles Greane learns that working in the front office is as rough as playing on the gridiron; and Jason Antolotti continues to orchestrate deals to satisfy both players’ bank accounts and their oversized egos.”

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