Banzhaf: Native Americans Petition To Deny WWXX License

Join Legal Activist Challenge Over Use of 'Redskins' Name

Jay Winter NightWolf, a Native American and a listener to sports radio station WWXX-FM, has filed a petition with the FCC in support of one filed by legal activist John Banzhaf to deny the station's license renewal over its use of the 'Redskins' name for the Washington football team.

That is according to a copy of the petition supplied by Banzhaf.

"I have experienced and/or witnessed harm to myself and/or to other Native Americans which I believe was caused by the frequent repetitive use of the word 'R*dskins' on the air," NightWolf says in the petition.

Banzhaf argued in his petition that the repeated use of the term was akin to obscenity and hate speech and its use was not in the public interest.

WWXX-FM Washington, an ESPN Radio affiliate and home of the Redskins game broadcasts, is owned by team owner Daniel Snyder.

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