Banzhaf Says He Will Challenge L.A. Station(s) Over 'Redskins'

Will Have to File Petition to Deny by Nov. 3

Legal activist John Banzhaf confirms that he will file at least one challenge to a TV station license in Los Angeles over the on-air use of the term "Redskins." Why L.A.? It is the largest market with the nearest license renewal date.

California TV station licenses expire Dec. 1. Petitions to deny renewals of those licenses are due Nov. 3.

"I plan to have filed – by and on behalf of Native Americans – at least one and perhaps more petitions opposing the renewal of the broadcast licenses of major L.A. TV station(s)," he told B&C/Multichannel News Tuesday (Oct. 28). He would not identify which station(s) those would be.

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