Baseball Expands Broadband Lineup


More broadband content is headed for the high-speed Internet platform.

Major League Baseball signed a deal with RealNetworks Inc. to carry as many
as 1,000 video telecasts of out-of-market games on the Internet for the 2003

Consumers can pay $79.95 for the entire season, $14.95 per month or $2.95 per
game to access games beyond their local markets. But fans in those markets can
access the games 90 minutes after they have ended.

MLB is offering nine spring-training games to whet fans' appetites.

"Watching live baseball games on the Internet is the natural evolution," said
Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media.

The 30 MLB teams play 2,430 games in the season. MLB said it planned 45
out-of-market games each week. With a 26-week season, that's 970 games, or about
40 percent of all games played.

Last year, MLB offered 20-minute highlight packages, while RNI carried audio
feeds of MLB games.