Basic Sweeps Up B’Cast Again


With roughly one week left in the May sweep and 2004-05 season, basic cable is pacing to beat broadcast once again in both of those arenas, according to a Turner Research analysis of Nielsen Media Research data released Wednesday.

In the current TV season to date, through May 16, cable’s share of primetime household viewing is a 52.1, versus a 45.4 for the seven broadcast networks, according to Turner. The season, and May sweep, concludes May 25.

In terms of the sweep, cable’s primetime share so far is a 51.1, compared with a 46.2 for broadcast, according to Turner. Basic cable has won every sweep since February last year.

Last season, broadcast lost 1.2 million viewers 18-49, and this season, they’ve lost another 352,000, Turner said.

And in the May sweep, Turner Network Television outdelivered The WB Television Network and UPN across all key male demographics in primetime -- namely men 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54.