Battlestar Gets Full Fourth-Season Commitment


Captain William Adama will command Battlestar Galactica for a full fourth season.

Sci Fi Channel announced Wednesday that it ordered the back nine episodes for the fourth season of its popular drama. The network had previously announced a 13-episode commitment to the series.

Battlestar will now have a full 20-episode run when it returns to the network sometime in 2008, according to executive vice president of programming Mark Stern.

In addition, Sci Fi will commission a two-hour Battlestar Galactica special that will air on the network this fall before being released on DVD, according to Stern.

It’s unclear exactly when the show -- which ends its third season this Sunday -- will return to the network and whether it remain a fixture on Sunday nights.

In other Sci Fi upfront news, mind readers and a phenomenon are on tap for as the network rolls out its new original series and specials for the fall.

In July, Sci Fi will look to read minds with a new project featuring British mentalist Derren Brown. The six-episode series will capture Brown’s reported ability to predict and control human behavior by mentally getting into people’s minds.

The network also ordered a two-hour pilot for a new series executive-produced by Kiefer Sutherland dubbed Phenomenon, according to executive vice president of programming Mark Stern. The dramatic thriller follows a crack team of experts, lead by a mysterious young female prodigy, as they investigate bizarre and supernatural anomalies of nature.

“In Phenomenon, ordinary people have their assumptions about the natural world -- their very belief systems -- completely shattered when they are confronted by unsettling, unexplained phenomena,” Stern said in a prepared statement “Kiefer and Maggie [Murphy, president of Sutherland’s East Side Entertainment production company] will lend their top-notch creative skills as executive producers to create a viewing experience as intriguing and surreal as the title would suggest.”

The 88 million-subscriber network also renewed paranormal reality series Ghost Hunters for a fourth season and announced that it will air its second-annual Ghost Hunters Live special on Halloween night. The six-hour event will air beginning at 11 p.m., Sci Fi said.