Battlestar, You Will Be Missed (continued)


"He knows where earth is, we’re going to find it ... but what Eddie did – and I think he did it in the moment, without telling anybody - is when the scene got to the point where the priest says ‘so say we all’ and the cast says ‘so say we all’ they all just kind of did it by rote. ‘So say we all’ - no energy - and Eddie just steps out of the ranks and looks back at them with this look on his face and starts challenging them. ‘so SAY we ALL.’ And the actors oh, we’re going back and then he did it again.‘so say we ALL.’ And then they start yelling it back. And you can see in the reaction shots that they’re a little confused. Like ‘where the hell’s he going with this?’ It was exactly the intent of the scene, too and he just sort of created this different moment where he got pissed, he challenged them, he got them fired up and THEN he gives them the earth speech and then at the end he says ‘so say we all’ and they scream it back at the top of their lungs. He took what was essentially a speech scene and he gave it life. He gave it a whole emotional impact that wasn’t there on the page.”

When I was writing the series bible I started to get I into the backstories, started to sketch out the character bios, it kind of flowed from the performances. For Adama, it’s an archetypal role but this is not the man of action. He was getting ready to retire from a backwater assignment at the end of his career. Estranged from one son, lost another, gone thru a divorce. His best friend drinks too much. It’s a different kind of captain, who’s then suddenly thrust into this role and has to rise to the occasion. And is suddenly relevant again. As I went through his backstory I decided not to make him too heroic ...There are some things that just flow from who the character is … the fact that he’s nearing retirement and he’s on the Galactica and he’s not an admiral also tells you that politically, in the career sense, he wasn’t at the top of his profession.Why is that? Maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe he’s unexpectedly not the man we think he is. Maybe he’s not just a right winger and a militarist. Maybe he’s a man who comes from a different background. Maybe his father was a lawyer. Maybe he got certain ideas about freedom and freedom of expression and civil liberties from his family and maybe he holds those values quite dear. And maybe he’s an idealist, not a pragmatist, maybe he’s not a guy who just espouses right wing ideology like you might expect. In this show, you kind of expect him to be the hawk and she’s the dove. And we don’t want to do that. Maybe he’s not the hawk. Maybe he’s a different kind of military officer. Maybe he’s an officer who believes very deeply in the flag, the constitution, the values he’s sworn to defend. Maybe he believes so deeply in those values that it gets him into trouble sometimes with his superiors.”